"The more you give, the more you receive"

Hi and welcome! I don't know about other theme authors, but, I once in a while, like to work on useful side-projects without the pressure that comes from working on premium items. You know... SEO, marketing, support, mandatory updates and other fun stuff. That's how I began creating free themes for visitors to my website whenever I needed to relax.

Over time I have gathered a really great collection of free items however, I never thought of exposing them on a separate website dedicated just for that reason. I didn't do anything to expose them other than listing them on a blog post. Long story short, after the enormous interest I got in this side project of mine – reflected by the thousands of downloads- I realized that this project deserves some special attention.

This is why Bootstrap Starter was developed. Bootstrap Starter is a new, personal project that I'm planning to grow with your help. All the templates that you find here are free, designed and developed by me. You are allowed to use them for your personal, commercial and even client projects. Enjoy and please spread the word!

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