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  • A Jekyll theme built with Bootstrap 4 suitable for content curation, portfolio, blogging, photography etc.

    Pintereso is a responsive Jekyll Bootstrap Theme, compatible with Bootstrap 4, free for personal and commercial use.

    Pintereso is also available as HTML

    Category: Jekyll
    Tags: blogging, masonry, portfolio, freelancer, full-websites, photography
    Version: Bootstrap 4

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    Pintereso, a free Bootstrap Jekyll theme suitable for content curation, portfolio, blogging, photography


    • Theme Built for Jekyll
    • 100% Compatible with Github pages
    • SEO
    • Search
    • Index Pagination
    • Post Share/Pin Save
    • Post Categories
    • Prev/Next Link
    • Categories
    • Feed
    • Sitemap
    • Cookie Consent & Privacy Policy
    • Integrations:
      • Disqus Comments
      • Google Analaytics
      • Contact
      • AddThis Integration
      • Pinterest
    • Design Features:
      • Bootstrap v4.x
      • Font Awesome v5.x
    • Layouts:
      • Default
      • Post
      • Page

    How to Use

    If you aren’t familiar with Jekyll yet, you should know that it is a static site generator. It will transform your plain text into static websites and blogs. No more databases, slow loading websites, risk of being hacked…just your content. And not only that, with Jekyll you get free hosting with GitHub Pages! If you are a beginner we recommend you start with Jekyll’s Docs. Now if you know how to use Jekyll, let’s move on to using Affiliates template in Jekyll:


    - jekyll-feed
    - jekyll-sitemap
    - jekyll-paginate
    - jekyll-seo-tag


    Download or Fork Pintereso for Jekyll.

    • In your local project, open _config.yml. Set your baseurl, name, email etc:

        name: 'Pintereso'
        description: 'Jekyll Template for Bloggers & Photographers'
        logo: 'assets/images/logo.png'
        favicon: 'assets/images/logo.png'
        baseurl: '/template-pintereso-bootstrap-jekyll'
        avatar: 'assets/images/sal.jpg'
        disqus: 'demowebsite'
        email: '[email protected]'
    • Navigate to includes folder. From there you can edit/add:

      • footer copyright - footer-copyright.html
      • footer social menu - footer-social.html
      • menu header - menu-header.html
      • google analytics script - tracking-header.html
      • addthis script - tracking-footer.html
    • Start blogging! Add your .md posts in _posts. If you download the template you will notice it already has a few as an example.

    YAML Post Example

        title:  "Affiliates Jekyll Theme"
        metadate: "hide"
        categories: [ Free, Jekyll, Themes ]
        image: "assets/images/affiliates.jpg"
        visit: ""
    • Adding pages. Place your .md pages in _pages. Don’t forget to set the permalink, see below.

    YAML Page Example:

        title: "About"
        permalink: "/about.html"
        image: "/assets/images/screenshot.jpg"

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