Best Free Jekyll Themes for Designers and Developers To Use in 2021

To help web developers and designers started using Jekyll quickly and easily, listed here are some great free themes for Jekyll.

I have created a list of the best free Jekyll themes that you can use for your blog. Jekyll is a popular static site generator written in Ruby. There are several ways to host a Jekyll site but GitHub Pages is one of the most popular because it’s free, fast and has excellent support for custom domain names.

I’ve been a fan of Jekyll ever since it appeared on GitHub.

This popularity has resulted in loads of themes being released for Jekyll which is why I decided to make a list of the best free themes available today.

Bulma Jekyll theme

Bulman Jekyll Theme is a clean and simple Jekyll theme to use and modify. Love working with Bulma? This is great for you! Built with the Bulma framework, you have a great starter here. This theme is aimed at developers, designers and product manager who work with the Jekyll static site generator.

  • Pages
  • Posts
  • Navigation
  • Colours and Styles
  • Sidebar Visibility
  • Google Analytics

Created by chrisrhymes

Clean Blog Jekyll theme

Clean Blog is a fully responsive theme that’s perfect for showcasing your content in a beautiful, clean, and modern presentation.

Created by BlackrockDigital


Memoirs is a Free Jekyll theme for people who love the beauty of simplicity. It’s clean, minimal, beautiful and modern! You can use it for creating a nice portfolio of your work or build your own personal blog. The design concept behind Memoirs is the idea of making only the most important elements visible, letting them speak for themselves. Less is more: Don’t let it distract you from your content; trust your reader to focus on what matters most.

Created by Sal

Jasper Free Jekyll theme

Casper for Jekyll is a close representation of the Ghost default theme. It contains all the features of the original theme as well as being responsive and customizable on the front end.

Created by jekyller

Landing Page Free Jekyll theme

The Landing Page Jekyll theme is a professional Jekyll theme based on the Bootstrap landing page template.

You can get this theme to make a clean, lightweight and fast website for free.

Created by swcool

Affiliates — Jekyll Theme for Bloggers

With an elegant minimalistic design, it has a lot to offer to the ones that like to keep things simple and clean. With this theme you can craft your own magazine style blog with ease, in Jekyll’s static site generator.

Created by Sal

Airspace Free Jekyll

With Airspace, you can focus on telling your story, not figuring out how to make your website work.

This theme has been designed with all the requirements of a good landing page in mind. The theme has been built to show off fullwidth images in the best way possible, while offering space for plenty of texts and features.

Created by ndrewtl

Pintereso — Free Jekyll Theme

The Pintereso Jekyll theme is a fully responsive theme for bloggers, freelance writers and online magazines that uses the powerful Jekyll static site generator. The Pintereso theme looks stunning on any device, thanks to its ability to adapt to various resolutions such as phones, tablets and desktops.

Created by Sal