Starter WP Theme for Bootstrap with Gulp

A starter theme for Bootstrap and Gulp. The bare minimum you need to start a good looking, modern project

Bootstrap is a front-end CSS framework for responsive web development. If you’re using it, here’s a WordPress starter theme (tool in fact) to help you get up and running.

WP Basic is the blank/starter WordPress theme. This is the starting point for building a WordPress theme from scratch.

WP Basic is a WordPress Starter Theme for developers. It gives you a solid foundation on which to build your next awesome WordPress project.


2. Sass
3. Concatenation
4. Style & scripts minify
5. Create theme .zip generator


NPM Run Project
Open your Terminal and go to the project workspace folder.
- Run npm install. This will fetch all node package dependencies for the theme (fonts, css frameworks etc).
- Run gulp build. This will compile sass files (.scss) into css files (.css) and concatenate it with the main sass file into one minified output file (public/assets/vendor.css). It will also copy over css files inside assets


css/theme.min.css isn’t available when first installed so you need to edit a file or run gulp deploy to generate it first.

Live preview:

Once you start developing your theme, make sure enable live preview mode watch-bs. This will open a browser window at the /public directory and automatically reload changes whenever gulp is running a build (webpack) task.
This saves you time to refresh the browser and see the result of every changes you make !


Run gulp deploy to generate in dist folder.

View detailed doc and download at: