How to get money for your content, freebies, tutorials etc.

This method shows you how to get money for your content, freebies, tutorials etc. on your website, without Google ads

If you are a regular blogger who writes for the love of it, it’s time to start your own donation page today. Although there is still some stigma attached to this idea, donation pages are an effective way to earn some extra income on the side. Donations from readers tend to be more loyal and they will typically buy your products if you have any.

Allow your website visitors to make donations to support your work and help you cover web hosting costs. If that’s the case — then you’ll love this script! It lets your visitors donate money for the content they like on your website, for things you offer as freebies, tutorials etc.

An alternative to Google ads and other donation systems, “buy me a coffee” is a must. It is an easy to set up donation system that allows you to monetize your website in a non-intrusive way.

Not an expert? Don’t worry! There’s an installation service included!