Mundana - Free Jekyll Theme

A Jekyll template built with Bootstrap 4 suitable for bloggers. Highly inspired by Medium's website layout.

Install Mundana

  • Download or git clone
  • In Mundana’s newly created directory bundle
  • Change your configuration in _config.yml. If your site is in root, for baseurl, make sure this is set to baseurl: ''
  • jekyll serve --watch


YAML Post Example:

layout: post
title:  "We all wait for summer"
author: john
categories: [ Jekyll, tutorial ]
image: assets/images/5.jpg

comments: false - disable comments in posts

image: "" - set external featured image

tags: [featured] - to display Featured posts on homepage

YAML Page Example:

title: "About"
permalink: "/about.html"
image: "/assets/images/screenshot.jpg"

Add sticky post on homepage

Tag a post as sticky to highlight a post on homepage.


layout: post
title:  "Could we reinvent the charm of old cities"
author: jane
categories: [ Jekyll, tutorial ]
image: assets/images/home.jpg
tags: [sticky]