Bootstrap HTML Template Food Delivery

Bootstrap HTML Template Food Delivery

Perfectly designed for Restaurants, Bistros, Catering, Bakery, Bar, Cafe, Food Delivery

“Food Delivery” is designed for people who are in food delivery services. Start with this Bootstrap starter template, ready to use with Gulp 4 for automation and rapid development.

  • Bootstrap 4.4.1
  • Gulp 4
  • Sass
  • sourcemaps
  • CSS minification
  • HTML minitification
  • image optimization
  • template partials
  • BroswserSync, live reload

Starters’ Guide

Download and open docs folder. That’s your website!

Developers’ Guide

Developer? You might want to use this template in its full glory. Please, follow the steps below:

Download or clone the repository (git clone After that, from the root of your download/clone:


npm install

If something goes wrong, delete the node_modules folder and run npm install again.

Now let’s make sure you also have Gulp installed globally:

$ npm install gulp -g

Start server

gulp serve

You should see a live browser at http://localhost:3000/.


Override Bootstrap’s variables and create your custom styles


This will be automatically compiled to src/css/styles.css.

Add custom scripts



You can add partials in src/partials/.

Insert partial : <partial src="header.html"></partial>.

Examples are already added in this this project for header & footer.



If you want HTML, CSS minification & image optimization:

npm run prod

Docs folder is the destination. You can now go docs/index.html and check the output.