Mediumish - VuePress Blog Theme

Mediumish - VuePress Blog Theme

A VuePress theme built with Bootstrap 4 suitable for content curation, portfolio, blogging, photography etc.


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  • Multi Author
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    • link follow
  • Search
  • Newsletter Mailchimp
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  • Prism Highlighter
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  • Github Pages compatibility
  • Automatic Deployment to Github pages (

What is VuePress

VuePress is a Vue-powered Static Site Generator. Try it using the guide below and start writing in markdown. Plain and simple!


Clone or download

git clone

Install packages from your root clone/download


Run server

vuepress dev docs


  • Change your site config in docs/.vuepress/config.js.
  • Go to docs/_posts/ and start editing/adding MD posts. You might have close server and re-run vuepress dev docs --no-cache if you don’t see the changes.
  • Optionally, change your style in docs/.vupress/styles/index.styl.

Ready for Production

Build for production

vuepress build docs

Or even better, I’ve created an automatic deployment to Github if you use Github pages:

  1. Create your Github repo.
  2. Go to docs/.vuepress/config.js and edit base: '/vuepress-theme-mediumish/' with your own REPO
  3. Go to and edit git push -f [email protected]:wowthemesnet/vuepress-theme-mediumish.git master:gh-pages with your own Github username & REPO.
  4. From your terminal