Bootstrap 4.4.1 Boilerplate with Gulp

Bootstrap 4.4.1 Boilerplate with Gulp

This is the ultimate Bootstrap 4.4.1 starter for developers. A boilerplate with Gulp4, cross-env, Sass, sourcemaps, concat, CSS & HTML minification, uglify, image optimization, template partials, BrowserSync.

“Basic” is the ultimate Bootstrap 4.4.1 starter boilerplate with Gulp 4 for automation and rapid development.

  • Bootstrap 4.4.1
  • Gulp 4
  • Sass
  • sourcemaps
  • concatenation
  • CSS minification
  • HTML minitification
  • uglify
  • image optimization
  • template partials
  • BroswserSync, live reload

How to

Download or clone the repository (git clone After that, from the root of your download/clone:


npm install

If something goes wrong, delete the node_modules folder and run npm install again.

Now let’s make sure you also have Gulp installed globally:

$ npm install gulp -g

Start server

gulp serve

You should see a live browser at http://localhost:3000/.


Override Bootstrap’s variables and create your custom styles


This will be automatically compiled to src/css/styles.css.

Add custom scripts



You can add partials in src/partials/.

Insert partial : <partial src="header.html"></partial>.

Examples are already added in this this project for header & footer.



If you want HTML, CSS minification & image optimization:

npm run prod

Docs folder is the destination. You can now go docs/index.html and check the output.